Command Line Browser Ubuntu

Command Line Browser on Ubuntu

In Ubuntu, you can use the command line for browsing the web by installing a text-mode web browser. In this blog, I will show you how to fix this text-mode web browser and how to use it.

There are various Ubuntu command-line browser tools like w3m, links2, and elinks. The text-mode web browser that I’m going to use is called ‘lynx.’ It is a non-graphical web browser available on Ubuntu. Follow the steps to use Terminal as Browser on Ubuntu.

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Step to use Command Line Browser on Ubuntu:

(1) Open Terminal (Ctrl +Alt + T) and type the below command to install lynx.

sudo apt-get install lynx

(2) Once installed, you can open by typing ‘lynx‘ on the command line and can start using a terminal as a browser in Linux. But first, you need to learn all commands inside lynx.

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Command in lynx on ubuntu?

There are several keyboard buttons that you need to know to use lynx as a command line web browser.

  • Opening URL of the website: To open URL on lynx, press the ‘g‘ button on your keyboard, and then enter the URL that you want to visit. You can also use lynx <domain_name> commandto open the website.


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  • Navigate the web page: use arrow up and down keys on your keyboard to navigate the web page up or down.

command line browser on ubuntu

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  • Clicking links: To Open a link (hyperlink), use the right arrow key on your keyboard, and to go back to the previous page, use the left arrow key on your keyboard. Press Return or Enter key to follow the selected link.

use terminal as browser

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  • Exit lynx: to exit/close lynx, press ‘q,’ and then choose ‘y‘ for yes.
  • Print/Save: to save the website in the text or pdf format press ‘P‘ and Choose ‘save to a local.’ It will save the site in the home folder in text format.

command line broswer linux

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  • Bookmark: For bookmarking any link hit ‘a‘ on the keyboard and then press ‘l’ to link to the bookmark file.
  • Download the Current Link: To download any link hit letter d on the keyboard. It will download the website in .html format, and you can browse it offline.

The benefit of using command Line browser in Linux:

  1. Because we only see text, it is less consuming bandwidth, a lot less than a graphical web browser.
  2. You can avoid malware websites.
  3. Block viewing ads on websites.
  4. Analyzing the content of a website becomes easy.
  5. Beneficial for an environment where the browsing web page is not allowed (at college or school, your teacher won’t know that you browse the web).

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