Conditional Statements

If Statement :-

  • Conditional Statement are used to perform different action based on different condition.
  • The if statement is one of the most frequently used conditional statements.
  • If the if statement condition expression evaluates to true , the block inside the if statement is executed.
  • If the expression found to be false , the set of code after the end of the if statement( after the closing curly brace) is executed.

If…Else Statement:-

  • The if…else statement is an extension of the simple if statement.

Switch Statement:-

  • we have seen that when one of the many alternatives is to be selected , we can design a program using if statements to control the selection.
  • However, the complexity of such a program increases dramatically when the number of alternatives increases.The program become difficult to read and follow.
  • Fortunately, java has a built-in multiway decision statement known as switch.
  • The switch statement tests the value of a given variable against a list of cases values and when a match is found, a block of statements associated with that case is executed.