Cool Tricks Of Google chrome

There are various cool tricks of google chrome like we create a group the tabs that are open, we can see the saved password in the browser, chrome URLs, chrome flags, customize home and tab button, enable handwrite mode in google, etc. This is the top best google chrome trick that you have never seen before.

(1) chrome-URLs:-

Chrome URLs are internal pages of the Google Chrome browser designed for developers and advanced users with detailed information about the browser’s internals. You can display the list of Chrome URLs by loading chrome://chromeURLs/ in the browser.

list of chrome urls

(2)View saved Password in Browser in Mobile:-

–Go to  and enter your Gmail id and password after that you will see list of saved password in the browser.

password manager


Chrome Flags are experimental features that aren’t part of the default Chrome experience. Some are focused on users that eventually find their way into the public version of Chrome. Others are for developers and become part of Chrome Developer Tools once they’re released.

cool tricks of google chrome

What all things you can enable in chrome flags?

(a)Chrome Duet:-

By enabling this option you can set your home, search, sharing, tabs icon to the bottom of your mobile screen. You can search flag chrome duet to enable this option and click on relaunch button after that clear all recent screen and open chrome browser again.

top 10 tricks of google chrome

(b)Tab Grid Layout:- 

When you enable this option you will find all tabs in the grid layout. It will allow you to see the tabs in a grid layout in the tab switcher. After enabling this option click on the relaunch and after that clear all recent screen.

tab grid layout google chrome


list and grid layout

(c)Tab Group:-

This option allows users to group the tabs and organize then in a better way. You can similar group tabs like create a group of tabs for news, cricket scores, etc. Enable this option and relaunch it.

tab groups in google chrome

(4) Chrome Version:-

To see the version of your chrome browser just type “chrome://version” in the search bar and you will see many details like OS, command line, etc

chrome version


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