How to Create Group of Tabs in Chrome

In your android mobile, when you have lots of tabs open in chrome browser and you want to find any tab then its very difficult to find it. you need to scroll down and find it which is time-consuming. So if your tabs are grouped according to your requirement then it becomes easy to find and switch from one tab to another. This saves a lot of time in searching the tabs. You can create a group of tabs in chrome in your android phones as well as in Desktop using chrome flags. There are many tricks of windows like. Follow the steps to create a group of tabs in chrome.

Steps to create group of tabs in Chrome:

In this blog, we are going to create a group of tabs in chrome for android and Desktop (PCs).

  • Create a group of tabs in chrome Android:-

(1) Open Chrome browser and search for chrome://flags in the search bar.

chrome flags

(2) In the search flag type “tabs” and hit enter.

search flags

(3) Scroll down and search for Tab Grid Layout and Tab Groups and enable it. There is no issue in enabling these flags as I have been using them for a long time.

create group of tabs chrome

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(4) After that Click on Relaunch Now and clear all Recent Apps and Open chrome browser again.

create group of tabs chrome android

(5) Now click on the number that shows you the number of tabs you have opened and you will see a pop-up message to group the tabs.

create group of tabs chrome computer

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(6) To group tabs, touch and hold a tab & then drag it onto another tab.

how to group tabs

(7) When all tabs are grouped according to your need you will see the icon of the site you opened will now be at the bottom and it becomes easy to switch from one tab to another.

group tabs in android chrome

(8) To open a new tab you can either tap on the plus sign to the bottom-right. To eliminate a set of grouped tabs, you can either tap on the X each one of them has or slide them to the side.

group tabs

(9) With the new design, you can group tabs by topic if you want. For example, in one group you can have sites open that contain sports information and in another group have a website that has news related information. Another advantage of this design is that switching from one tab to another becomes easy.

  • Create a group of Tabs in Chrome Computer:-

(1) Open google chrome and search for chrome://flags in the address bar.

(2) Search for “tab group” in the search flags.

tab group

(3) Now enable the Tab Groups and then click on Relaunch.

enable tab groups

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(4)  Open 2-3 tabs and rightclick on any tab and select the option labeled “Add to new group.

right-click on any tab

(5) After that a colored circle will immediately appears next to the tab. You can click on this colored circle and perform a number of tasks: name the tab group, choose another color, add another tab to the group, ungroup tabs or close the group altogether. Note that when you give the group a name, the colored circle disappears to make way for the name.

change color of tab

(6) If you want to add a new tab to the group then right-click on the new tab and select add to the existing group.

add tab to existing group

(7) To remove the Tab, right-click on the tab and selectRemove from group.

remove tab from group

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