Duckduckgo Search Engine Features

What is Duckduckgo?

DuckDuckGo is a search engine just like Google, and its main focus is users’ privacy. It does not collect or share any of your personal information. The search engine is ideal if you want to be completely anonymous on the web. This search engine does not save your browsing history. If you have ever used this search engine, you already know what all tricks are available.

Features of Duckduckgo Search Engine:-

  • Social Media Information:-

If you want to search social media information for something, you can use @ sign followed by the name.

The @ sign is mainly used for a twitter account. Similarly, for Google+, you can use G+.

  • Shorten and Expand URL:-

If you want to shorten a long weblink for something or if you already have a link and wish to see its expanded version, DuckDuckGo can help you do that.

Use keyword shorten followed by the URL.

Use keyword expands followed by the shortened URL.

  • Password Generator:-

If you want to create a strong random password then simply type password 8 and you will get password containing eight characters.

  • Stopwatch:-

If you want quick access to a stopwatch but do not have one on your machine, then type stopwatch.

  • Change the Case of Text:-

Convert any text to upper or lower case by using the keyword uppercase or lowercase followed by text.

  • Check Whether Website is Up or Down:-

Type in is up (replace the site name with whatever you like) and press Enter. It will let you know whether the site is up or down.

  • Search any Calendar:-

  • Encode the URL:-

If you find yourself in a situation where you need an encoded URL, you can get it generated using the url encode

  • Figlets :-

If you want to generate a figlet for your text, then all you need to do is enter the query figlet TEXT and press Enter.

  • Generate QR Code:-

If you wish to create a QR code, such as for the URL “,” then you can do so using the QR Search query.

  • Search directly in Sites from Address Bar using ! Bangs:-

Bangs in DuckDuckGo allows you to search for what you want on the website directly. Let us say, if you want to search for ‘mobiles’ in Amazon, then just type ‘!a mobiles’ in the search box of DuckDuckGo and it would take you to mobiles section on Amazon website.

There are Bangs available for various websites like ‘!yt’ for ‘YouTube’, ‘!w’ for ‘Wikipedia’ and a lot more. This is really one of the best DuckDuckGo search tips and tricks. You can find the entire list of available Bangs. You can also create a bang for your website.

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Watch the Video:-

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