How to Enable Extension in Incognito Window

You have noticed that when you add any extension in google chrome. The extension is not enabled in the incognito window. Now you can enable the extension in an incognito window and in a private window using a simple trick. There are many other tricks of windows like block ads on your pc, make your computer speak, make folders invisible in windows, etc. You can check that blog in Windows Category.

enable extension in incognito

What is incognito Window?

Incognito Window, won’t save the browsing history, cookies, site data, or information entered on forms. But you can keep files download and bookmarks. You can enable this window by clicking on three vertical dotted lines on the top right corner and select “New Incognito tab”.

Steps to Enable Extension in Incognito Window:-

In this blog, we are going to enable the extension in the incognito window for chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

Google Chrome:-

(1) Open google chrome and Right-click on any extension.

right click on extension (2) Click on Manage Extension.

manage extension

(3) Scroll down to the bottom and enable the allow in incognito option.

enable extension in incognito window

(4) Similarly, you can enable it for another extension.

enable extension in incognito

(5) Now you can open the incognito window and can see the extensions.

enable extension in incognito mode

Mozilla Firefox:-

Now we will enable the extension in Mozilla Firefox using 2-3 steps. Follow the below steps.

(1) Open Firefox and right-click on any extension you want and click on Manage Extension.

enable extension in private window

(2) Scroll down and search for Run in Private window and click on “allow”¬†option.

enable extension in private mode

(3) Now open the private window and you will see the extension is enabled in the private window.

enable extension in private

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Watch the Video:-

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