Google Secret Gallery APK | Hide your photos & video in google search

There is various way to hide your photos and videos on android phone by using multiple applications like CalculatorApp lock, etc. But the new way to hide your photos in google search is quite impressive. Using google secret gallery apk, you can protect your photos in google search. This trick works only for Android Mobile Phones.

The secret gallery allows you to hide your photos and videos behind the search browser window that you do not want others to see.

For others, it looks like a browser search site. However, if you enter the password you set, you can check your gallery.

Steps to Hide your photos in google search | Google Secret Gallery:-

(1) Open Play Store and Search For Secret Gallery – Hide Photos and Videos

secret gallery application
Secret gallery

(2) After Installing this Application you can choose Search theme like google, bing, yahoo.

google secret gallery theme
Search Theme

(3) Set Password For hiding the photos and videos.

(4) This App works like a real browser. You can search for anythings in this browser. But when you type the password in the google search you will see a Please add Folder button.

create folder in applicaton

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(5) Click on the three horizontal line button at the top left corner to open settings.

(6) In Settings Enable Change Icon for changing application icon to Chrome browser icon and also enable automatically delete original photos options.

hide photos and video in google search

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