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How to Block Ads on Mobile Devices

Are you annoyed by the ads on your android phone? I’ve got a solution. Now you can easily block all the annoying ads on the mobile device and get rid of all the ads from your android apps and games. This method will also block all the popup advertisements on your phone 100% free. This trick doesn’t require your mobile phone to be rooted. If you want to block ads on the computer, check out my latest post. To block ads on mobile follow the steps below:-

Steps to Block Ads on Android Phones:-

(1)Open Any Browser and Search For Blokada and Download the App. This app is safe, so no need to worry.


(2)Open the App and Click on three horizontal Line Below.

Block ads on mobile

(3)Click on Ad Blocking and then Select Host Lists.

block ads on mobile device

(4)Click on Add a new Host List and then add the Domain as and put Host name anything you want and click on continue.

block ads on mobile app

(5)Now go back and activate the Blokada.This is the best add blocker for android and it is free and open source.

block ads on android

(6)Now open the app which show pop up ads or any type of ads in any Application or Games.You we see all ads are block even website ads are also blocked.

Remember :- Using this App Youtube Ads are not Blocked.

About the BLOKADA APP:-

If you want to block ads, trackers, malware efficiently, save on your data plan, speed up your device, and protect your privacy with just one application, then Blokada is for you. It is a free, secure, and open source.

Blokada works across all of your apps, not only the browser! It doesn’t require root, supports both Wi-Fi and mobile networks, and is perfectly safe and simple to use. Just turn it on, and it will do the job silently

Blokada is an open-source project, which means you can be sure it’s always going to be free, safe to use, and without any hidden agenda. We believe this is the only right way to develop an adblocker you can trust.

However, developing a quality app like Blokada requires a considerable amount of resources. This project exists thanks to the support of awesome people like you!

Watch the Video:-

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