It is very important to change folder colour in windows and arrange them in important. You can also classify your folders by priority. Red is an important folder, orange is urgent, green is no action needed… Choose the attributes that you like, so you’ll never delete an important folder by mistake. You can make the folder invisible in windows Which is another trick for Windows.

Folder Colorize Pro Software:-

Folder Colorizer for Windows from Softorino makes it easy to customize your Windows folders with just about any colour. Once installed, will add a Colorize option to your Windows Explorer context menu. The application is simple and easy to use.

This Software is a small, free program that makes it easy to jazz up your folders in just a few clicks. The application installs and uninstalls cleanly. You follow the same easy steps to recolour a folder.

Follow the Steps to change folder colour in windows:-

(1)Download the Folder Colorizer Pro Software.

(2)Create 2-3 folder of any name.

(3)Right Click on the folder and Click on Colorize tab. Select on any colour you want.

change folder color in windows

(4)Repeat Step 3 on the remaining folder and all the folder will be colourized.

You can use this trick for windows 7, windows 8 and windows 10.

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Watch the Video:-

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