How to convert video files using vlc

You can convert the video files from .mp4 to .avi or vice-versa Using VLC Media Player. There are many Online Converter available but to convert the file without using the Internet this is the best trick. If you don’t have VLC Media Player then Download it.

 Steps To Convert Video Files Using VLC:-

  • Open the VLC Media Player and Click on Media.

convert video file using vlc

  • Click on Convert/Save.

convert video file using vlc medi player

  • Add the Video file by clicking on Add Button. You can add a Video File of any Format.

convert video file without using internet

  • After adding the file click on Convert/Save.

convert video file from mp4 to avi

  • Select the format of conversion (oog , mp4, avi ).

mp4 to avi

  • Now select the destination folder where you want to save the Output File and give the output file name. (e.g Demo.mp4 is the output file name)

video file conversion

  • After that click on start and wait for 5-10 minutes and your file will be converted successfully.

convert avi to mp4

More Trick on Linux:- Change application icon in ubuntu

Watch the Video:-

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