How to Create Fake file of any format and Size in Windows

You can Create a Fake file of any size and any format using Command Prompt. This trick will work only in Windows. There are many online fake file generators you can try them also.

What is Fake File?

The fake file is a file that can be of either in the form of the image , video, pdf,  etc. Only the file will have Size ( i.e it will occupy some space of your computer ). After Opening any of these fake files you will see the error like this :

create fake file of any format

Steps to Create Fake File of any Format and Size:-

  • opens the Start Menu and Right Click on cmd and click on Run as administrator.

In the Command Prompt type the command :

fsutil file createnew D:/NewFolder/Crazy.mp4 5000000

  • D:/NewFolder is the location (Where we want to save the file) and Crazy.mp4 is the fake file name and 5000000 is the file size in Bit.
  • Example:-

command line

Similarly, we can create a fake file for audio, word file, pdf, etc.

command line

  • Now go in that folder location and check whether the file is created or not. Right-click on the fake file and go to Properties and see the size of the file.

create fake file of any format and any size

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Watch the Video:-

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