How to Create People Card on Google | Add me to Search

Google launches “Add me to Search” in India, where people can make their own Virtual Visiting Card. In this blog, we are going to create people card on google.

add me to search

For people who want to find themselves more quickly online, at least on Google Search, you just don’t need to be stars. Google launched People Cards, which are virtual visiting cards, to help users show up more quickly on searches. Follow the steps to How to Create People Card on Google. Lets First Understand what is google virtual visiting card.

What is Google Virtual Visiting Card (Add me to Search)?

Google has released a new service called People Cards for India. A Google Search update that allows users to create a virtual visiting card, highlight their current website or social profile.

The goal of People Cards is to support the millions of people, marketers, business people, students, self-employed people, freelancers, entrepreneurs or anyone else out there who wants to be noticed and help the world find them.

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Throughout India, users will be able to discover the people cards on their cell phones starting today, in English. The user may only build one ‘People Card ‘that will authenticate with the user’s mobile number.

How to Create People Card on Google:

(1) Open in your Mobile Device and Search For “add me to Search” in Search Box.

add me to search

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(2) Click on Get Started and then Log in to your Google Account.

(3) After login, you need to verify your phone number. Enter the six-digit code for continuity.

verify number

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(4) To start creating your people’s card, you could choose to include a photo from their own Google Account, add your location, write a short description of your business, add links of the website, and social media platforms. You can even a phone number or email address.

create people card on google

Note- If you want to edit your Name, then you should go to Manage Google Account and can edit your Name.

(5) Click on Preview to check how your Search card will look.

Google Virtual Visiting Card

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(6) Click Save when you are done. Then you can choose to show your Search Card.
Once you click on The Search Card, all the information you filled out earlier will be shown when someone searches Google for your Name.

Watch the Video:

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