How to Download Youtube video using VLC

There are various online tools available that can download Youtube videos. But to download the youtube video using VLC Media Player is a new trick. There are many things that we can do using VLC media player apart from playing videos like you can convert the video files from .mp4 to .avi or vice-versa Using VLC Media Player.

What is VLC Media Player and How to Download it?

To download go the VLC website and according to your Operating system, you can download it.

Steps to Download Youtube Video Using VLC:-

(1)Open VLC Media Player and click on Media on Top Left Corner.

download youtube video using vlc

(2)Select Open Network Stream.

download youtube video using vlc media player

(3)Now Copy the Youtube Video URL and paste it here and click on Play Button.

(4)After the video starts playing then Press Ctrl + J on the Keyword and a new window will open.

download videos using vlc

(5)At the bottom of this window, you can see the location and the URL of the video. Just copy the URL and paste it any browser and the video will be downloaded.

copy the url

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