How to Hide Data in Image, Video And Audio File.

If You wants to send a secret message to your Friend then you can use this method. You can hide large messages or secret codes in the image or audio file and send to your friends. Now if Someone performs Man in the Middle Attack then he will not able to read that message. Follow the Steps to Hide data in Image file.

Hiding of Data, Message, etc inside the Image or Audio file is called steganography. Steganography is the practice of concealing a file, message, image, or video within another file, message, image, or video.

Steps to Hide Data Inside Image in Windows:-

(1) Select an image in which the message will be hidden(e.g photo.png).

(2) Now write the message in the text file and save the file(e.g hide.txt).

(3) Make sure that both the files are in the same Folder.

(4) Open the Command Prompt as an administrator in Windows.

(5) Type the command:- “copy /b photo.png+hide.txt = crazy.png“.

hide data in image file

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(6) New image “crazy.jpg” will be created in the same folder. Open that image file in Notepad++ or any text editor.

hide data in audio file in windows

(7) After Opening  in Notepad++ go till the end of code & you will find your message at the end of code.

hide data in image file in windows

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(8) Now send the image to your Friend and he will able to read the message if he opens that image with Notepad or text editor.

If You want to do this in Mobile Device then there are various application available on playstore you can install them and use it.

Steps to Hide Data Inside Image in Android:

(1) Open Play Store and Search “Photo Hidden Data.

(2) Open the App and select the image.

how to hide data in image file

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(3) Click on Hidden Text Below and Now Enter the Password and Your Message.

hide data in image file

(4) Click on Save and share that Image to your Friend. Your Friend Need to Install this App in order to read the Message.

hide data in audio file

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(5) To Read the Message inside the image your friend need to enter the password.

password unlock

In this Way, you can Hide Message in Photos.

Watch the Video:-

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