How to Install Sticky Notes Indicator on Ubuntu 2020

Now You can install sticky notes in ubuntu , this stick notes indicator is different from other sticky notes, this one will stay on your desktop forever until you delete it yourself, after restarting and shut down the computer, the sticky notes stays where they are. In Ubuntu this Sticky Note Indicator helps you to add an important task and whenever you start your Computer or Laptop you will get a reminder about the task that is incomplete. You can also add Net Speed Indicator for Ubuntu which shows the Internet Speed on your desktop home screen.

What is the Use Of Sticky Notes in Your Desktop?

You can use sticky notes to help you organize yourself, your studies, your office Work, your important task to do on that day, and your assignments. These sticky notes help to remind your work whenever you Start the PC.

How to install sticky notes on ubuntu:-

  • Open command line (terminal)
  • Add the PPA repository for sticky notes indicator
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:umang/indicator-stickynotes

ubuntu sticky note indicator

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  • Run the update command.
sudo apt-get update

sticky note indicator for ubuntu

  • Install the sticky notes indicator.
sudo apt-get install indicator-stickynotes

install stickynote indicator on ubuntu

  • Restart the computer.

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  • After installing you still need to restart your computer. If you don’t restart your computer, you will not see the sticky notes indicator on the top right corner of your screen.

Download Ubuntu Latest Version for your Desktop.

Watch The Video If You Have Understood the Steps:-

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