how to install and use wifipumpkin3 in kali

How to Install and Use WifiPumpkin3 in Kali Linux 2021

wifipumpkin3 is a robust framework for rogue access point attack, written in Python that allows security researchers, red teamers, and reverse engineers to mount a wireless network to conduct a man-in-the-middle attack. Follow the steps to install wifipumpkin3 in Kali Linux.

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Steps to Install WiFiPumpkin3 in Kali Linux:

(1) Open Terminal and Download or Clone the wifipumpkin3. You will need to have a working Python (version 3.7 or later) on your machine.

$ git clone

install wifipumpkin3 kali linux 2020

(2) Using the Terminal open the wifipumpkin3 folder.

$ cd wifipumpkin3

cd wifipumpkin3

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(3) Install the File by using the following command:

sudo python3 install

Python 3: ImportError “No Module named Setuptools.” If you have face this Error, then you need to install setuptools.

how to use wifipumpkin3 kali linux

To solve this Error, type the below command in the Terminal. But before that, you need to update and upgrade your system.

sudo apt-get update    //update
sudo apt-get upgrade   //upgrage

sudo apt-get install python3-setuptools

Once’s setuptools are installed properly, Now again try to install the File. If you got this Error– Python.h: No such file or directory compilation terminated. #include “Python.h” ^~~~~~~~~~ compilation terminated.

python.h error

To solve this Error, you need to try this command.

sudo apt install python3-dev

(a) While installing python3-dev if you got this Error: The following packages have unmet dependencies. libc6-dev : Breaks : libgcc-9-dev (< but 9.2.1-19 is to be installed. To Solve this Error, Click Here.

The following packages have unmet dependencies

(b) Now the Error: libc6-dev : Breaks : libgcc-9-dev (< but 9.2.1-19 is to be installed is solved. Then try to install python3-dev using sudo apt install python3-dev.

how to install wifipumpkin3

(4) Now, python3-dev is installed. So again try to install File using the command sudo python3 install . Now File will be installed with No Error.

install wifipumpkin3 kali linux

(5) Once’s you have successfully installed the File. Then type the below command to start wifipumpkin3:

sudo wifipumpkin3 -i <interface_name>  //interface should be in managed mode.

In my case i will wlan0 is in managed Mode.
$ sudo wifipumpkin3 -i wlan0      //To start wifipumpkin3

If you got an Error: hostapd is not installed in the system. The Error can be solved by sudo apt-get install hostapd .


wifipumpkin3 installation steps

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Now the Installation of wifipumpkin3 in Kali Linux is completed. Let’s see how to use wifipumpkin3 in Kali Linux.

Features of WiFipumpkin3:

  • Rogue access point attack
  • Man-in-the-middle attack
  • Module for deauthentication attack
  • Module for extra-captiveflask templates
  • Rogue DNS Server
  • Captive portal attack (captiveflask)
  • Intercept, inspect, modify and replay web traffic
  • Wifi networks scanning
  • DNS monitoring service
  • Credentials harvesting
  • Transparent Proxies

How to Use WifiPumpkin3 in Kali Linux:

(1) Type help, and you will see the various commands.

wifipumpkin3 commands

(2) Type ap, and you will show all variables and status from Access Point.

access point

(3) To change the SSID, you need to type the below command.

> set ssid Jio Wifi     // Type ap again to check whether ssid has changed or not

change ssid

Suppose you want to add the security to your Access Point. But Keep the Access point Open.

> set security true       // Default Password of AP(Wifi) is 1234567890

(4) Now type proxies, and it will list all available proxies.

> proxies

wifipumpkin3 install in kali linux steps

To change proxy type set proxy captiveflask true  and type proxies and you will see it has changed.

change proxy

To change the Captive Portal Plugins, type. set captiveflask.FlaskDemo true .  Type proxies again and you will see FlaskDemo is set to true.

captiveflask login potral

(5) To start the access point, type start.

start wifipumpkin3

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(6) Now open your wifi settings on mobile, and you will see new wifi that has is created with Name (SSID) Jio wifi.

Now when victims join this network, they will see a “Sign in to wifi Network” Page. You can see the device name and mac address of that device in the Terminal.

install wifipumpkin3 in kali linux


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(7) When the victim enters his login details, then you can able to see that details in the Terminal like Username and Password. The Internet will be available on the victim device, and you will able to see all the details like Website URLs, Card Number, Password in the Terminal.

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