How to make password Asterisks in Ubuntu Terminal

In Ubuntu we can make the password Asterisks(*****) visible in Terminal, normally we see the password is not visible in Terminal when we type any Sudo command. We can make a password asterisk in ubuntu. This is very helpful because we can able to see whether we have put the password or not. In Ubuntu, we can change the Application icon for this just check my out blog.

make password visible in ubuntu

Follow the Step to make password Asterisks visible in Ubuntu Terminal:-

  • Open the Terminal and type the below command and a new file will open in the Terminal.
sudo visudo
  • Press Down Key on the Keyboard and Add the Line give below :
Defaults  pwfeedback

how to make password asterisk in linux

  • Now to Save and close the file Press Ctrl + X to save the file and Press Y to Exit the File.
  • Close the Terminal and Open New Terminal and Type and sudo command and you will see the asterisks password.

make password asterisks in ubuntu

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Watch the Video:-

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