How to Put Wifi Adapter in Monitor Mode

How to Put Wifi Adapter in Monitor Mode

In the post, we are going to put wifi adapter in monitor mode in Kali Linux. In wireless networks, if wireless devices are within your range, we can capture those devices’ packets. But we need to change wireless mode to Monitor.

Because wireless devices send the packets in the air, we can sniff those packets and look into the other people’s traffic and spying on them. To do this, we need to change the mode of operation of our wireless interface so that it operates in monitor mode.

What is Monitor mode in wifi adapter?

We can capture packets even their destination MAC address in monitor mode is not similar to our computer MAC address. i.e we can capture all packets within our range, even if the packets are not directed to our computer.

What is Managed Mode in Wifi Adapter?

In Managed mode is the default mode of the wireless interface card. By default, each device receives data/packet whose destination MAC is similar to its MAC, which is receiving the packet. i.e it will only capture packets that are directed to our computer.

How to Put Wifi Adapter in Monitor Mode:

(1) Open Terminal and type iwconfig, and you will see wlan0, an external wireless adapter. The mode of the external wireless adapter is set to be managed by default. In Managed Mode device can only capture packets which have the destination MAC as the MAC address of this device


How to Put Wireless Card in Monitor Mode

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iwconfig: It is similar to ifconfig, but it lists all wireless interface only while ifconfig lists all interfaces.

(2) Before changing the wireless interface mode, we need to disable the network interface card. Type the below command to disable wlan0. (Wireless Interface Name)

ifconfig wlan0 down

 switch wireless adapter to monitor mode

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(3) But Before changing the mode to Monitor, we will run the below command, which will kill any processes that could interfere in changing the wireless interface into monitor mode. This step is Optional.

airmon-ng check kill

airmon-ng check kill

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By running this command, you will ultimately lose the internet connection. But this is not a problem because we only need to be in monitor mode. So we do not need an internet connection to run any of the attacks that require monitor Mode.

(4) Now, we are going to enable Monitor Mode. By using the command:

iwconfig wlan0 mode monitor

Where wlan0 is the name of your wireless interface card, it could be different in your case.

iwconfig wlan0 mode monitor

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(5) Again, we need to enable the network interface card.

ifconfig wlan0 up

how to change wireless mode

Now rerun the iwconfig command, and you’ll see that the mode is set to monitor mode. So basically, this interface can now be used to capture any packets that are within our range. Not only the packets that are directed to your computer.

How to Put Wifi Adapter in Monitor Mode

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