How to show Hardware temperature on Ubuntu

To Show hardware temperature on ubuntu you can use program called ‘psensor‘, this cool program allows you to see CPU cores temperature, CPU usage, GPU temperature, etc, in a nice graphical interface.

  • Psensor is a nice tool for monitoring hardware temperature on your computer, ‘psensor’ is part of ubuntu repository, so you can install ‘psensor’ on ubuntu like this:

Steps to Show Hardware Temperature on ubuntu:-

  • Open the Terminal and type the command given below.
sudo apt-get install psensor

hardware temperature on ubuntu

  • Once installed you can open ‘psensor‘ from ubuntu dash by searching with keyword ‘ psensor ‘. It should be look like this:

show hardware temperature on ubuntu

psensor hardware temperature tool on ubuntu

  • You can change the background and the sensor graph color with any color you like, see this:

hardware temperature on ubuntu

edit psensor preferences

About Psensor :

psensor is a graphical hardware temperature monitor for Linux.

Features of Psensor :

  • the temperature of the motherboard and CPU sensors (using lm-sensors).
  • the temperature of the NVidia GPUs (using XNVCtrl).
  • the temperature of ATI/AMD GPUs.
  • the temperature of the Hard Disk Drives (using hddtemp or libatasmart).
  • the rotation speed of the fans (using lm-sensors).
  • the CPU usage .

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