How to use website without Internet in Android

To use any website without the Internet helps us in many ways like when data or WiFi is not available, we can use them offline. To use this trick we have 2 methods:-

(1)Using Offline Browser App:-

This is the best Offline Web Browser. When you are online (for example, when you have a WiFi connection), you can download all the web pages you need to read during the day; then, you can browse the content also when you have no WiFi or data connection. In this way, you can also save money and mobile internet traffic.

Steps to use the Website without Internet :

  • Open Playstore and download the Offline Browser App.
  • Click on Add button ( + ) to add new links.
  • Then click the download button to download all the links when you are online. Make sure that you have enabled Keep always up yo date, Download images, Enable Javascript this option.

use website without internet

  • To view links Offline, click the item in the list
  • Click the last button (eye) to browse ONLINE sites.

Remember that:

  • if you want to download only one page, set “depth level“=0.
  • if you want to download also the first level of sub-links set “depth level“=1
  • if you want to download more links level, increase the “depth level.”
  • if you want to download sites that require authentication (like Facebook), you need to authenticate yourself with the option “Enter credentials” before starting the download.

(2)Using Download Option in Google Chrome:-

  • Open the Chrome Browser.
  • Open the Website that you want to Download. After that, click on three dotted vertical lines on the top right corner and select the download icon.

  • After that Page will be Downloaded, and you can use it offline. But this will download only the current Page, not all the pages. So the best choice is to use the Offline Browser App.

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Watch the Video:-

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