How to View Saved Password In Browser.

You have noticed that whenever we log in to any websites ( Gmail or Facebook ) for first time it will ask you to save the password in the browser. So when someone clicks on to save the password it will be saved in the browser. So the best practice is not to click on save in any browser in Your PC or Other PCs.If someone in your PC has done this you can view the saved password in that browser.

view hidden password in the browser

Follow the Steps to View Saved Password in Your Browser:-

(1)Open the website that has saved your previous password.

view saved password in the browser


(2)Right Click on the Password Block and Click on Inspect Element.

inspect element

(3)Edit the type=”password” to “text“.

show hidden password in the browser

(4)Now the Password which has been saved will be visible.

So always remember you should not save your password in any PCs. If You want to block ads in your Pcs then check my latest Blog.

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Watch the Video:-

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