Instagram Tries To Compete With Clubhouse By Offering Audio-Only Livestreams

So, you’re aware that Clubhouse is currently only available on iOS devices? If you’re looking for an Android version, Instagram appears to be one of the early adopters of the audio chat room for Android devices, with its developers trying out the latest functionality on the Instagram app.

instagram audio only livestream

Instagram now allows Live users to silence their audio and even turn off their video when broadcasting. This appears to be the latest in a series of moves by Facebook and its respective services to establish their presence in the expanding audio features market. In other words, another attempt to directly capitalize on Clubhouse’s recent performance.

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Many providers have suddenly seen the value of concentrating on audio-first services and functionality since the introduction of Clubhouse. Like unexpectedly, many of the biggest names in social media have developed and released their own cloned versions of Clubhouse features. For example, Facebook recently unveiled a range of new audio-based features, including more accessible access to podcasts. At the same time, Instagram introduced Live Rooms in March, allowing up to four users to broadcast live together.

Following the Launch of Live Rooms, Instagram is now looking to give users more control over their ‘going live‘ experience by allowing them to mute their audio or switch off their video entirely during a live broadcast, as reported by Facebook Alexandru Voica on Twitter. The new features, according to TechCrunch, are already being rolled out on both the Android and iOS platforms. Additionally, according to TechCrunch, though hosts cannot switch off audio or video for those participating in a Livestream, the ability to do so, as well as similar advanced controls, could become available shortly.

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