• Java is a high level, mordern programming language designed in the early 1990s by Sun MicroSystems & currently owned by Oracle.
  • Java is Platform Independent,which means that you need to write only once to be able to run on a number of different platforms.
  • More than 3 Billion of devices run java.Java is used to develop Apps for Google Android OS,various Desktop Application ,such as media player , anti-virus ,web app,etc.
  • Java has huge developer community.

Java Environment:-Java Environment includes a large number of development tools and hundreds of classes and methods.

(1)Java Development Kit:-The JDK comes with a collection of tools that are used for developing and running java programs.They includes:

  • appletviewer(for viewing java applets)
  • javac(java compiler)
  • java(java interpreter)
  • jdb(java debugger)

(2)Java Runtime Environment:-JRE facilitates the execution of programs developed in Java.It Comprises the following:

  • Java Virtual Machine:- It is a program that interprets the intermediate Java byte code and generates the desired output.It converts Java ByteCode into machine language.