New “WhatsApp Pink” Virus Grants Hackers Complete Control Over User Devices

WhatsApp has become an integral part of daily life, but it also has risks. The most recent instance involves changing the color of WhatsApp to Pink. On social media, a link was shared that pinks the color of WhatsApp. It is a virus whose mobile is hacked as soon as the link is clicked and the complete information is entered into the hands of the fraudsters. Cyber experts have expressed concern about the virus being transmitted over the phone via the connect. According to this link, WhatsApp will be pink, and new features will be introduced.

WhatsApp Pink:

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According to cybersecurity expert Rajasekhar Rajharia, the link claims to be for official updates of WhatsApp. Still, the user’s phone will be compromised as soon as they click on the link, even though they are not using WhatsApp. Get it. They are attempting to spread the WhatsApp group virus via the APK download link. Do not click on any WhatsApp Pink-related links. Clicking the connection would make it difficult to use the phone. Jiten Jain, director of cybersecurity firm Voyager InfoSec, advises users not to download APKs or other mobile applications from sources other than Google or Apple’s official app stores. So Don’t Install WhastApp pink Apk.

whastapp pink

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