tiktok reliance jio deal

Tiktok Reliance Jio Deal

Tiktok Reliance Jio Deal

TikTok has been banned from India for violation of privacy issues. To save its future in India, which TikTok was looking for investment from the Reliance. Tiktok Reliance jio deal will help tiktok to come back in India. TikTok’s Bytedance is in initial talks with the big player in India, which is Reliance. Reliance head Mukesh Ambani who recently became the 4th richest person in the world.

tiktok reliance deal

Almost every big firm invested in the Reliance as of now. Now if the Reliance invests in TikTok shares, TikTok may come live again in India. In USA trump announced the ban on the TikTok, there are rumours Microsoft is going to buy the USA operations.

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According to the sources, both Reliance and Tiktok started talks last month. But still, there is no confirmation regarding the same. Lots of sources like Reuters requested comments on this news from Reliance and Bytedance. But there is no further information. Also, the publications said,

ByteDance is engaging in early discussions with Reliance Industries Limited, the parent firm of telecom giant Jio Platforms, for financially backing TikTok’s business in India in a move to potentially save the popular video app’s fate in its biggest market by users.


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There is no denying that TikTok lost a massive userbase after the ban. India government banned 59 Chinese apps. Before the prohibition, TikTok had over 200 million users in India. Another blow was given by the USA, after the President Trump announcement of banning the TikTok, We Chat apps. These apps were selling the data to the Chinese government.

But the Chinese government has its own policy for their apps. They share the data with the government. If Reliance invests in its shares, its data centres are surely going to shift from China to India. This can make the return of TikTok in India. Should Tiktok Come Back in India? Comment Below.

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