Top 9 Google Fun Tricks.

Top Nine Google Funny Tricks are as Follows:-

There are top 9 google fun tricks that you have never seen before. Google cool tricks like do a barrel roll, google in 1998, google underwater, google terminal, google zipper, google snake, google tilt, and many more.

(1)Do a Barrel Roll:-

Search in googledo a barrel roll” and see what it happen. It will rotate the search result in 360 degrees.

top 9 google fun trick


Search in google “tilt“.  It will tilt the google search result. You can search for anything in the search bar and it will reverse the search result.

top 9 fun tricks of google(3)Old Google:-

To see how Google search looks in 1998 just search in google “Google in 1998” without quotes. Sadly, you can’t do an actual search on 1998 Google.


(4)Zerg Rush:-

Search in google “zerg rush” without quotes. You will see small ‘o’ characters that destroy search results if they are not clicked with the mouse pointer.

google search trick : zerg rush

(5)Blink Html:-

Search in google “blink html“. By doing this all the links in the page will be blinking.


(6)Google Zipper:-

Just type in Google search google zipper. This will let you “unzip” the logo and see the search results for Gideon Sundback, the inventor of the zipper.


(7)Google Snake:-

Google snake is a game in which we have to move the snake around with the arrow keys, eat the red dots(apples) to grow bigger, and avoid hitting your own tail or to the end. To play this game Search in google “google snake“.

top 10 google tricks

(8)Google Underwater:-

If You Want to use Google to search and explore the underwater space then type google underwater in the search bar.


(9)Google Terminal:-

Google Terminal is a fun command-line simulator in your browser. It will give you a taste of the cool things Just try it now. Type “google terminal” in the search bar and enjoy it.

top 9 google cool tricks

So these are top 9 google fun tricks. Try each of them and you will definitely enjoy it. You can find New tricks on Android, Linux and Windows also.

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Watch the Video:-

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  1. I also used the same trick like the rush keyword etc, it sounds really good and wonderful funny tricks. Thanks for this information, subscribed your blog.

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