use terminal as calculator in ubuntu linux

How to Use Linux Terminal as Calculator

Now you can use the terminal as a calculator in ubuntu. You don’t need any calculator application to perform a quick calculation. Just use the terminal to perform any type of calculation. Only need to install a tool called “bc“. Where bc stands for the basic calculator. Follow the steps to use the Linux terminal as a calculator.

Steps to Use Terminal as Calculator in Ubuntu:-

(1) Open Terminal and type the below command in terminal.

sudo apt-get install bc

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(2) One’s package bc is installed. simply type bc in the terminal and hit enter.

use terminal as calculator

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(3) Now you can start doing a calculation in the terminal. You can perform addition(+), subtraction(), multiplication(*) and division(/) operations.

use linux terminal as calculator

(4) Type “quit” to exit the tool when you are done. For more information visit the GNU bc manual.

Using calc tool:-

An alternative to bc is the calc tool used for calculation in the terminal. Using this tool you can do calculations like square rootlogexponent, etc.

(1) Open the terminal and type the below command.

install apcalc package

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(2) After the installation is complete, simply type calc in the terminal and hit enter.

calc tool

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(3) Now you can start using the calc tool. In this, you can do more operations than bc. You can perform square root(sqrt), logarithm(log), exponent(^) , addition(+), etc.

 use terminal as calculator in ubuntu

(4) Type “exit” and hit enter to exit the program.

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