What is Lamphone attack? How Lamphone Attack work?

What is Lamphone Attack?

The ‘Lamphone Attack’ enables hackers to listen in on conversations from about 25 meters (82 feet) away. But only if there is a hanging lightbulb in the space in which the conversation is taking place. But How Lamphone Attack Work?

What is a lamphone attack?

By studying the variations of a light bulb in a home. Academics from the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev have discovered a new way to reverse engineer & hack any conversations or audio recordings being played in that room.

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How Lamphone Attack Work?

When a soundwave strikes a light bulb, the vibrations cause brief flashes of light to be emitted. The variations in light can be captured. And the sound waves that cause these variations can be recreated using robust sensors.

How to Prevent Lamphone Attack?

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A telescope is required to use this method because it provides a close-up view of the room while holding the bulb from a distance. It also requires installing an electro-optical sensor on the telescope to convert the light into an electrical current.

How Lamphone Attack Work

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Additionally, an analog-to-digital converter is required to convert the sensor output to a digital signal and a laptop to process the incoming optical signals and output the collected sound data.

Academics were able to recover sound and conversations from a distance of 25 meters (82 feet) during the tests. This can expand the range even more with the right equipment (giant telescope, 24/32 bit ADC, etc.).

lamphone attack

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How to Prevent Lamphone Attack?

  • Bulbs can be protected with fancy decorative objects or curtains.
  • The use of low-transmittance window glass will also help keep intruders out of the rooms.
  • You have to curtain on your window and door.
  • We should use vibration resistant bulb.
  • Turns off the lights before having a conversation.

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