WhatsApp Cancelled the May 15 Deadline For Accepting the Terms of its Privacy Policies

WhatsApp has cancelled its May 15 deadline for users to approve its contentious privacy policy update and has clarified that failure to accept the terms would not result in account deletion. WhatsApp faced a significant backlash from users concerned that their data was being exchanged with parent company Facebook.

WhatsApp scraps 15 May deadline

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According to a WhatsApp representative, no accounts will be deleted on May 15 for refusing to acknowledge the policy change.

“No accounts will be deleted as of a result of this update on May 15, and no one in India will lose WhatsApp features. Over the next few weeks, we will send out reminders to everyone. “In an emailed response to a question from the Press Trust of India today, the spokesperson said.

However, the company did not explain why it made the decision and did not reveal how many users have approved the terms.

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