Whatsapp Multiple device support feature

Recently WABetaInfo has announced a new feature of WhatsApp multiple device support for further version. This feature will help you to use one phone number across multiple mobile devices. There are many new features like reverse image searchin-app browser in the beta version, which will be coming in the latest version.

These updates will be useful for those who frequently switch their mobile phones. Now they will able to use the same WhatsApp account from multiple devices. Only the thing you have to do is to scan the QR Code from a primary device into another device, and you will start using WhatsApp in multiple devices. In the previous version of WhatsApp, whenever we log in to a new device, the WhatsApp account associated with older devices logged out automatically, and it shows the message to verify again with older devices.

whatsapp multiple device support feature

Even for WhatsApp web, when we scan the QR code to logged in to our desktop or PC, we require the internet in the primary device to Connected to Whatsapp Web. In Whatsapp multiple device support features, we did not require an internet connection in the Main device. We can directly start using WhatsApp on our desktop.

whatsapp multiple device

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While it’s not clear that this feature will support cross-platform, that is, it may allow you to switch between tablet to mobile or only between mobile-to-mobile. However, for those that use an iPad and an Android phone, we’re not sure how it will work in practice, or if it will be possible at all. It’s great that we might get a proper seamless experience for WhatsApp when using multiple support devices, but when this update release is not known. You can see the tweet of WhatsApp multiple device support by WABetaInfo.

whatsapp multiple device support


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