YouTube Launches a $100 Million Fund for Creators of 'Shorts'

YouTube Launches a $100 Million Fund for Creators of ‘Shorts’

YouTube launches a $100 million fund on Tuesday to compensate content creators who create popular videos on its latest short-form video feature, Shorts. The company seeks to attract more influencers.

According to YouTube, the fund will be launched in the coming months and compensate creators this year and 2022.

Youtube launches $100 million fund

The investment comes as platforms compete to draw young creators who are amassing massive fan base. And huge earnings potential – by shooting short comedy skits and dance routines. TikTok, a viral app, popularised short-form video clips. Which were soon replicated by other apps such as Facebook-owned Instagram’s Reels, Snapchat’s  Spotlight, and YouTube Shorts.

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The new fund, according to YouTube, will pay thousands of creators per month whose videos on Shorts receive the most viewer interaction.

Shorts, the online video service, has announced that it will begin testing advertisements.

  • Platforms have used creator funds to court more consumers as the market for short video features becomes more crowded.
  • TikTok initiated a creator fund in July and later expanded its investment in the United States to $1 billion over three years.
  • Snapchat gives away $1 million a day to people who share the best content on Spotlight.

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